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Débora Posada Sánchez


Débora Posada S. is an interdisciplinary Colombian dancer based in Europe. With a four-year program in Contemporary Dance from the SEAD-Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, she has developed her skills in adaptability, communication, and creative thinking.

Debora has performed in various countries, including Hungary, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and her native Colombia. She has collaborated with talented choreographers and showcased her passion for movement on prestigious stages.

Outside of dance, Debora enjoys solving puzzles, traveling, photography, yoga, meditation, and exploring literature and films. She brings a well-rounded perspective to her artistic endeavors.

With her versatile talent and commitment to her craft, Debora Posada S. continues to evolve as a dancer, seeking new opportunities to express herself and connect with audiences around the world.

In May 2023 Débora joined Lenka Vagnerová & Company

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