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Thank you for your support of our new rehearsal studio!

After a long journey of renting dance halls and constantly moving props, we found our own rehearsal room. Our LV&C_STUDIO8 is a beautiful complex of halls with facilities in Prague 8. We want to build a creative place for artists to meet the public, a place where we will organize courses, workshops, open exams, presentations, and activities for schools. Thanks to your support, we will be able to equip the halls and create a dignified and full-fledged space for movement theater and dance

We named our studio LV&C_STUDIO8 (STUDIO 1, STUDIO 2) and it is a beautiful complex of halls with facilities on Na Košince 8, Prague 8. Our STUDIO 1 simulates the size of the stage due to its dimensions, square shape, and above-average high ceiling. It is therefore ideal for preparation productions and their presentations, and also to organize group training. The smaller STUDIO 2 hall is a beautiful space full of daylight, ideal for lessons or rehearsals.

We would like to equip both rehearsal rooms with quality equipment and lighting, a dance floor, custom mirrors, and ballet bars. We also want to acoustically soundproof the high ceiling, buy chairs for spectators, shelters, equipment for classes (mats, smaller fitness equipment), shower facilities and locker rooms, etc.
However, we lack the money to equip these spaces, and without the equipment, our work and activities aimed at you will be limited. Your help and support are extremely important to us. They will help us equip the premises so that we can start the mentioned activities as soon as possible. Thanks to your contribution, we will work fully and long-term and also be in more intensive contact with you at courses, workshops, or performances.
At the same time, we will be grateful for any support for our year-round activities. Each contribution will help us increase the quality of our work, which is essential for our artistic vision.



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