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Support our future existence.

The contemporary dance theatre ensemble Lenka Vagnerová & Company was founded in 2012 by choreographer and director Lenka Vagnerová. Every year, the ensemble creates new progressive authors' productions that carry elements of dance, physical, puppet and dramatic theatre. Through its activity it participates in the systematic development of the genre of dance theatre on domestic and world stages. Existential questions, the urgency of human relationships to other beings and surroundings, play with reality and fantasy are characteristic for the production of the ensemble. Lenka puts emphasis on the precision of theatre situations, movement qualities, supports the individuality of performers, uses the strength and dynamics of the group, looks for physical possibilities and movement limits of one's own body. The ensemble brings together outstanding artists such as: dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists, offers professional educational background, provides residences and internships, gives space to new theatrical forms and connects outstanding artists and creators. The ensemble with its performances gathered during its existence a number of significant awards and nominations both in the Czech Republic and abroad, e.g.: Herald Angel Award / The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Best Dance Performance / The Singapore Fringe Festival, The City of Pilsen Award / Skupova Pilsen International Festival, Dance Performance of the Year, Audience Award, Dancer of the Year / Czech Dance Platform Festival, Total Theatre Award Nomination / Edinburgh Fringe Festival, several Thalia Awards, etc. ​

Your donation will help us financially support stable members of the company. The donation will thus support the company’s further development and existence. For 10 years, we have been intensively developing the genre of dance art here in the Czech Republic and abroad. With your donation, you will support not only our creation, but also the repeat performances and organization of a wide range of educational activities. You will help us maintain a fully professional company, whose years of hard work and a number of awards have undoubtedly led an increased awareness of the dance art here and abroad. It must be born in mind that the company also gives the unique opportunity to young and talented artists to be employed in the dance sphere. The company successfully represents the City of Prague and the Czech Republic. Your donation will also help us maintain our rehearsal studio, without which the realization of artistic projects of the company would not be possible. Your support will substantially help us improve the quality of our work and all activities.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every donation.


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