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Lukas Lizama Garrido


Lukas Lizama Garrido was born in Santiago de Chile and currently is based in Prague, Czech Republic, He is a Graduate Dancer and teacher from the University of Chile with a degree in Arts and Dance. He has knowledge in different dance styles and techniques such as contemporary, modern, hip hop, break, flying low, salsa, ballroom, popping, etc. He has worked with international choreographers such as Ken Ossola, Garret Smith, Jeanne Yasko, Antonello Tudisco, Emma Cianchi, Nyko Piscopo. After years of work in Chile in theatre, TV, shows, concerts and teaching, he moved  to Europe and has been working here since 2021 in different companies as freelance, e.g. in  Art Garage Dance company, Motus Dance Company, Interno 5 company, etc.


In May 2023 Lukas joined Lenka Vagnerová & Company.

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