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photo: Zbyněk Hrbata





A Dance horror

The well-known fairy tale about the strong sibling bond of two children lost in a forest, about strong temptation, about human mistakes, about making the right decision, about determination not to give up, about conscience, hope, evil that punishes itself, about experience gained on a difficult journey, about mysterious beings accompanying this journey. A poor woodcutter, two children and an evil stepmother. When it gets dark and the children are left alone in the forest, Hansel climbs a tree and sees a light in the distance. Then, a gingerbread house, a witch, an oven, a shovel, ... How well we all know this!

The production is co-produced by Minor Theatre and Lenka Vagnerová &


Premiere: October 15, 2023, Velká scéna


Accessible to audiences from the age of 7.

Choreography and direction: Lenka Vagnerová

Screenplay: Ivan Acher, Lenka Vagnerová

Music and lyrics: Ivan Acher

Texts recorded by: Petr Lněnička

Stage design: Eva Jiřikovská

Light design: Michal Kříž

Spell dramaturgy: Jiří Marek

Rehearsal director: Andrea Opavská

Cast: Matilde Giacomelli, Josef Havelka, Lukas Lizama Garrido, Débora Posada Sánchez, Adam Sojka, Leo Terris, Léonard Vo Tan

Photography: Zbyněk Hrbata

Co-production:  Minor Theatre

With the support of: City of Prague and Ministry of Culture

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