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Adam Sojka


Adam Sojka graduated from the Brno Dance Conservatory and then worked in the ballet company of the National Theater in Brno from 2008-2015. He danced in the peices of choreographers such as Rami Be'er, Itzik Gallili, Ralf Dörnen, Mario Schölder, Youri Vàmos, Mário Radačovský, Nataša Novotná and others. He performed at gala evenings as part of the Tanzbrücke project. 

In addition to interpreting, he also creates his own choreographies. As part of the evening Game over, in cooperation with Martin Svobodník he created the Palindrom choreography for the National Theatre in Brno. For the composed programme of the Choreographic Studio IV, in which the National Theatre in Brno gives space to creators from among the members of the ensemble, he prepared the choreography Balance, where he was also the co-author of the music. He presented a duet from this work at a gala evening of young dancers in Prague. For Theater Vorpommen he created the choreography No. 24/7 and for Dekkadancers the duet Habitdo for the performance Žena za kultem (Woman Behind the Cult).


He is also involved in teaching activities, in Laterna Magica (training in modern dance) and occasionally at the National Theater in Brno. He taught at dance workshops at the Theater Vorpommen, collaborated with the Baladine Dance School and the dance studio No Feet in Brno.

In 2021 Adam joined Lenka Vagnerová & Company.

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