Dance, as I conceive it, is able to awaken imagination in the spectator, stir emotions, it can enshrine values and communicate things that cannot be communicated in words. For me, the basic

building block in training is to understand the body through imagination.


In this way we are able to reveal in the body many various kinetic qualities and principles, to find a specific dynamic, coordination and chiefly logic. My work strives to achieve the maximum kinetic possibilities in a person’s body without needless muscle tension and stres, I’m interested in using an “economic” means of producing physical performance. My technique also develops plasticity, musicality, the ability to react to initiatives and impulses, we learn to listen to our own intuition and perceive the space around us.

All these principles are yet more important in partnering, where the perception of the partner and absolute trust lead to perfect coordination.


Thanks to an understanding of physical patterns partnering can become a logical and powerful tool of communication. Limits of balance, physical manipulation and risk form parts of its advanced lessons and move dance on to a magical level. During workshops we enrich a person’s own kinetic possibilities and the borders of physical and mental conception of dance. We ask the question what dance means to us and what attracts us to it, what purpose training serves and where a performer’s own interpretation of dance begins. What role does a physical action and dance play when communicating an idea or creating a theatrical situation. We will "talk through our bodies".


Lenka Vagnerová


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