Singer / Performer

Jana performs in the productions of Lenka Vagnerová & CompanyLa Loba.

“Jana Vébrová works magic with her voice, her accordion, her personality.” “…Her raw, sad, powerful ballads seize you, branding you with their obvious torment...” Jana Nekolová, SANGQUIS No. 82/2010

"The album “Kykyrý” has a very compact sound. Emotions and feelings act as a common thread; Jana is brilliant at employing them, manipulating them, drawing them together, only to let them eventually gush out from under the surface at the most appropriate moment. The same can be said about her lyrics...” Tomáš Parkan,, 20.10.2007

Lenka Vagnerová & Company, z.s. je provozovatel souboru Lenka Vagnerová & Company, jeho činnost se uskutečňuje za podpory Ministerstva kultury ČR a  Hl. m. Prahy.

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